Training and development

Effective occupational safety standards enable lifelong learning.

Training and development

In today’s fast-paced world, training and development is an essential building block for every successful company. Lifelong learning also ensures better access to the jobs market and ultimately a greater number of job orders.

A particular key function is that of occupational safety, a topic characterised by many international and national laws, ordinances and regulations.

In practice, IPS takes this focus and offers its customers up-to-date occupational safety seminars on many challenging topics within industry and engineering.

These include training and development for industrial truck drivers, covering the operation of cranes and lifting equipment and the use of various work equipment such as ladders and scaffolds, as well as the inspection of load securing devices and scaffolds by competent personnel, and the topic of corrosion protection e.g. rays, lamination and sealing.

In this, as in each of our company’s seminars, the participants progress through not only theoretical but also practical training content, delivered by speakers with many years of experience.

Practical modern engineering training content transferred from practician to practician, using established methods. If desired, we can also come to you.