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Management consultation

Occupational health and safety as an integrated part of the corporate culture
Allocation of technical and managerial staff

Highly qualified technical and managerial staff with many years of experience
Training and development

Effective occupational safety standards enable lifelong learning.
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[tabby title="OMV AG"]
Austria, End customer: OMV AG, Contractual partner: Pörner Engineering GmbH, Project: Raffinerie Schwechat [Schwechat Refinery] plant downtime, Scope: allocation of safety personnel, technical supervision of intumescent coating, site managers of scaffolding and insulation, and a scaffolding construction coordinator during the period 09/2013 to 06/2014
[tabby title="Infraserv"]
Germany, End customer/Contractual partner: Infraserv GmbH & Co Höchst KG, Project: Infrasite, biopharmaceutical industrial base: Monheim, Scope: allocation of safety personnel for long-term supervision from 04/2014
[tabby title="Petrom S.A"]
Romania, End customer: Petrom S.A., Contractual partner: KAM Kraftanlagen Romania, Project: Raffinerie Petrobrazi [Petrobrazi Refinery] plant downtime, Scope: Allocation of coordinators for scaffolding construction and insulation from 04/2014
  • We are seeking qualified and experienced FASIs [occupational health and safety practitioners], health and safety coordinators and specialist engineers/PMs for insulation, corrosion protection, fire safety and scaffolding construction in Germany, Austria and Romania.

  • Signing of a cooperation agreement with the Akademie für Arbeitssicherheit und Umweltschutz UIO [Academy for Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection, Institute for the Environment] in Offenbach. (www.umweltinstitut.de)

  • Infraserv GmbH & Co Höchst KG as a cooperation partner for management consulting and training and development, as well as the managers of the Höchst Industrial Park which includes around 100 companies (www.industriepark-hoechst.com)