Allocation of technical and managerial staff

Highly qualified technical and managerial staff with many years of experience

Allocation of technical and managerial staff

Personnel with many years of experience, as well as technical and managerial expertise and clear functions and skills, are increasingly important in the context of efficient and therefore cost-optimised project handling, as well as in the area of occupational and plant safety, particularly in difficult market conditions.

Under the title Project Services, we provide our customers with project leaders, specialist engineers, coordinators, technical supervision staff for corrosion protection, fire safety, scaffolding and insulation, for consulting, concept development planning, calculation and budget preparation, and efficient project handling.

Under the title Safety Services, we provide our customers with specialised occupational safety personnel, health and safety coordinators and EHS management.

Our technical and managerial staff stand out thanks to their many years of international experience, high levels of commitment and flexibility, and ongoing attendance of further training adjusted to their individual strengths and weaknesses.